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Judith R. Brown


Why are you running?

The Fiske Library, a true diamond in the rough, has just begun a transition- with a new director.  I helped begin that transition and I ask for your vote to continue guiding its evolution.

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Author Barbara Sher wrote that a “scanner” sees the world as an enormous candy store, wants to reach out… and stuff their pockets.  What could be more multifaceted than a library - committed to presenting all viewpoints?  For free!

After a degree in education, this scanner taught grade 5, then grade 6, then grade 7/8 math.  I earned a Masters Degree in Guidance; a CAGS in Computers in Education.

My husband and I discovered Wrentham 48 years ago. Its open spaces were perfect.  Our son, now 45, sought even more. He found them in Colorado with his wife and our 2 grandchildren.

After classroom teaching, I directed a professional licensure program, supervised teacher practicums, and became an executive function coach.  Then COVID…

Three years ago, I asked Zoom call participants to consider voting for me as a write-in candidate for the Fiske Library Board of Trustees.  I’m grateful they did.

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