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Community Preservation

In 2016, Wrentham joined 160 other Massachusetts communities in approving the Community Preservation Act (CPA). The Massachusetts legislature enacted the CPA to provide communities with a tool to preserve and improve their natural resources (open space and recreation), historic sites, and community housing.

Every year, sometimes during our fall town meeting and often after the meeting, folks question why the Town cannot use CPA funds for much-needed projects such as sidewalks.

The criteria for CPA project funding are particular.


The Community Preservation Coalition clarifies that "projects are only eligible for CPA funding if they fit in a box with a green "Yes" in the chart below (chart adapted from "Recent Developments in Municipal Law," Massachusetts Department of Revenue, October 2012)":

Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 4.21.51 PM.png

Projects up for vote on June 3, 2024

2024 Projects (*pdf)

Delaney Elementary Playground Construction - Funding to build a preschool level playground at the Delaney School in Wrentham.

Delaney Preschool Playground Project webpage

Amount - $190,000


ADA Compliant Automatic Doors - Funding to install ADA compliant automatic door openers in four ADA compliant units and one common space at the Bennett Gardens facility.

Amount - $80,000


Metacomet Greenway Engineering Study - Funds for a Metacomet Greenway Engineering Study. The Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has authorized funds to cover 80% of this study. Wrentham is required to provide 20% of the total cost. The CPA Fund request would cover Wrentham’s portion and permit the engineering study to begin.

Metacomet Greenway website

Amount - $200,000

For more information, please visit the Town's Current Projects page for details about project eligibility, the selection process, and 2024 projects (*pdf), and the CPC FAQs page for answers to additional common questions about CPA funds and how they may be used.


Additional info may be found on the Wrentham Community Preservation Facebook page.

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